Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bikini fashion for women

There’s a saying in our department: Beauty is hard. But lately, it’s gotten harder, because we’ve started adopting beauty trends for a week. The catch is that it’s got to be something we would never otherwise consider doing. My assignment? Wearing my hair in the wet look, which hairstylists trotted out on this season’s runways. Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” girls were the inspiration at Moschino, and hair was raked back clean at Narciso Rodriguez, smoothly slick at Louis Vuitton, sleek at Gucci and super shellacked at Alexander McQueen. Plus, my editor is relishing the thought of how absurd I’m going to look.

I generally don’t use a lot of product, so I’m already nervous. Outside of a shower, I don’t like having my hair wet. On the rare occasions that I swim, I never dunk my head. And I never leave the house without blow-drying. On the upside, at least my hair is straight—crispy curl is a beauty crime.