Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bikini fashion for women Vol 02

DAY ONE I slick my hair into a ponytail with L’Oréal Professionnel A-Head Fever Long Lasting Wet Effect ($16, at salons). The bottle says it recreates the “just out of the shower look.” Gulp, here goes. Now for makeup: I follow Montreal-based hair and makeup artist Margo Ducharme’s tips. “My one piece of advice is to make your skin flawless,” she says. “You’ve basically created a spotlight on your face by taking away the emphasis of your hair.” Flawless? Being the breakout queen that I am, that’s a tall order. I apply more foundation than I’m used to, trying not to cross the line into caked-on overkill. After work, I head to an event where they’re offering lash extensions. Perfect timing. Anything to get people to focus on my eyes, not my admirable yet hardly effective attempts to cover up my zits.