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Diaz, looking fabulous in a short, body-skimming coral-toned dress and high black pumps, also happily greeted the film’s other co-stars, Lake Bell, Dennis Farina, Treat Williams and Rob Corddry, with big hugs and kisses. Kutcher, who apparently left wife Demi Moore at home with the kids, looked sharp, too, in a dark plaid jacket and slacks.

But despite the fact that Ashton did not bring his wife along to the premiere of the romantic comedy about a couple that marries in Vegas the night they meet, then immediately regrets it, he made it clear to reporters at an earlier press day to promote the film that in his personal life, he has no such regrets.

"I never thought in my life I would get married," the 30-year-old admitted. "I watched my parents go through a divorce and I thought ‘This is just not what people are supposed to do.'"

But then his path crossed with Demi Moore, and all bets were off.

"I never really understood the whole idea of marriage until I met my wife. I just knew that was the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life. I knew that I had that desire. I took the time then to understand it a little bit more of what it was about and I love it," he said. "I might be the most happily, I don’t know if happiliest is a word, I just made up a new word. I am the happiliest married man on the planet."

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In April, the Weinsteins shocked the industry by making a reported $150 million deal to shift Bravo's top-rated series to another network. NBC Universal responded with a lawsuit accusing the Weinstein Co. of violating Bravo's right of first refusal for the series.

Now the Weinstein Co. is trying to keep the "Runway" brand intact during its transition to Lifetime.

This month, the company agreed to relocate the show from New York to Los Angeles for its sixth cycle to please host Heidi Klum, who prefers to work closer to her family. The company also has secured a deal with the show's popular mentor, Tim Gunn. The company has not yet signed judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors for the Lifetime version.

As for Magical Elves, the producers said developing a fashion-related series for Bravo is possible, but the show would not be a "direct knockoff" of "Runway."

"We love the world of fashion; we feel we have a lot more to give in that arena," Lipsitz said. "It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for us to be developing something under our new deal."

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The producers claim that their decision to quit the show had nothing to do with the development deal, but sources pointed to the long list of Magical Elves shows under the NBC Universal tent as a key factor in the decision to exit a popular series. Cutforth and Lipsitz also produce Bravo's "Top Chef," "Step It Up and Dance" and "Top Design" as well as NBC's "Last Comic Standing."

"The two decisions were made independent of each other," Cutforth said. "We have a long-standing relationship with NBC. While 'Runway' has been wonderful for us and our company, it's not a show we own or have any control over. We found ourselves at a crossroads when we found out it wasn't going to be at Bravo."

Replied a Weinstein Co. spokesman, "They've been fantastic producers, and we wish them well."

In April, the Weinsteins shocked the industry by making a reported $150 million deal to shift Bravo's top-rated series to another network. NBC Universal responded with a lawsuit accusing the Weinstein Co. of violating Bravo's right of first refusal for the series.

Now the Weinstein Co. is trying to keep the "Runway" brand intact during its transition to Lifetime.

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On Monday, "Runway" producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz confirmed that they will not follow the hit series when it moves to Lifetime.

The revelation came on the same day that NBC Universal announced an exclusive first-look deal for Cutforth and Lipsitz's company, Magical Elves, to produce broadcast, cable and digital properties. NBC Universal also said that it has filed a request for a preliminary injunction to prevent "Runway" owner the Weinstein Co. from marketing and promoting the show's Lifetime version. Bikin fashion, Beauty girl, Girl Beauty, Bikini girl, gai xinh, Fashion Designers

"I've worked with Jane and Dan for over 10 years," Universal Television Group president and COO Jeff Gaspin said. "They are great producers with original voices and a special knack for casting. Their track record of success speaks for itself, and we're thrilled to have them here at NBC Universal."

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Actual costumes, like the suit worn by Robert Downey, Jr. in "Iron Man" and Tobey Maguire's "Spider-Man," are intermingled with looks that range from haute couture gowns by Jean Paul Gaultier or Armani to fetishistic looks by Thierry Mugler and Dolce & Gabanna to extreme avant-garde fashion by Gareth Pugh or As Four.

In some cases, designs in the exhibit are influenced by a particular superhero, like John Galliano's Wonder Woman-like ensembles for Christian Dior haute couture. Another design, a gown with embroidered spider webs from a 1990 collection by Armani, was displayed alongside a costume from "Spider-Man 3," though Armani told reporters that Spider-Man was far from his mind when he designed it.

"I am known for designing fashion that is worn everyday," said Giorgio Armani, who said in a speech during a press conference on Monday that he was surprised he'd been chosen as the primary exhibit sponsor. "But the contrast of this exhibit with the name of Armani, I think it's something quite special."

The exhibit will be open at the Met in New York throughout the summer, until September 1.

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"Superheroes" explores the visual iconography of comic book superheroes, as well as their role as symbols for social and political realities. From their body-conscious unitards, revealing the superhero's stronger-than-human form, to suits that exhance the wearer's power through artificial means, whether it's to swim faster, assert sexual dominance or fly, as in the case of a suit designed by Atair Aerospace, the designs featured in the exhibit show the way that clothing, whether functional or a purely fantastic clothing, can be used to alter the human body and change how one is perceived by others.
Different sections in the exhibit (Nathan Crowley, a production designer for "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," consulted on the design of the exhibit, which makes the viewer feel as though they've landed inside a comic book panel or film set) examine themes like "The Armored Body" or "The Mutant Body" and show designs whose main elements coincide with protection or metamorphosis, respectively, like robot-like gold metallic leggings by Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga in 2007, or Thierry Mugler's bird-woman haute couture from 1997

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Curated by the Costume Institute's Andrew Bolton, the exhibit officially opens to the public on May 7 and kicked off with the "party of the year," the Costume Institute's annual star-studded gala on Monday, May 5, co-chaired by George Clooney, Julia Roberts (both of whom wore Giorgio Armani) and Anna Wintour (who wore Chanel Haute Couture).

Dynamic super duos included Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (in Alberta Ferretti), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (both in Armani) and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (in different gowns by Diane von Furstenberg). Vera Wang, wearing her own design, also dressed model Karolina Kurkova, while Liv Tyler donned Calvin Klein Collection and Scarlett Johansson opted for Dolce & Gabanna. Beyonce looked stunning in a tightly-bodiced Armani Prive gown while Eva Longoria wore Hollywood favorite Marchesa.