Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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"In this ever-changing world, it's time for new creativity," Prada said backstage after her much-applauded show Tuesday evening, explaining the unconventional collection.

For a starter, the color palette had little to do with summer: moss green, bark brown, maple red and blueberry. Unlike the folksy gals which many designers are proposing for next summer, Prada's models seemed unreal, with their pale skin, braided hairstyles and figures camouflaged in loose-fitting styles.

The show's decoration — murals with naif paintings of woodland creatures — hinted at a fairy tale theme. Wrong again.

"My collection is about looking forward. About a woman's imagination in our changing world," the designer said. To interpret the contemporary fantasy world, she said she went against her own tendency toward stiffness, to present a collection that would emanate softness

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Missoni's trademark chevron design was sized up and used in bands of chocolate, pale lemon and brick that bled into each other on an ankle-length loose dress.

A short, sleeveless dress in woven gold sported a hem banded in bright turquoise, like enameling. Missoni spattered a mini skirt with round spots of mirrors, or used mirrored panels at the bodice of a long evening gown.

Blumarine's models walked out against a backdrop of a typical Mediterranean port town, and sported bright sunshine colors of orange, yellow and coral.

Hot pants in acid orange jersey set off a mini polo shirt, while chocolate drop print shorts were worn with a cream cotton drill jacket.

Blumarine swept evening gowns low at the back, never compromising their elegance with immodesty. Dresses were froths of chiffon gathered and twisted into knots, left without adornment for a stunning simplicity.

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Bottega Veneta, owned by France's PPR through the Gucci Group, uses its roots in traditional Italian leather craftsmanship to bring twists to a classic look.

Designer Tomas Maier used natural colors of chocolate brown, putty, lemon and palomino blonde for his collection, adding gold and silver for highlights.

Tan leather turned into an A-line dress stopping just above the knee with a button front, or was worked into long gloves that finished above the elbow and were worn with a short-sleeved, swing back raincoat.

Earlier on Tuesday, designers Missoni and Anna Molinari's Blumarine collection had also gone for loose, flowing looks.

Missoni, known for geometric print knits, put the focus on hems, borders and necklines but kept to an emerging theme for this week's shows of flowing looks.

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Huge petals of tissue-like silk hung on the hip of a dress or were draped across the shoulders, while necklines were jigsaw-shaped and hems were uneven.

The knitted marbled trousers and tops first seen in June with menswear arrived on the women in slim-fitting trousers and skinny vests.

Amid the elegance came socks in staggered stripes of contrasting colors.

Prada's show echoed some trends from other collections, with wide-leg chiffon trousers and high, high-heeled shoes.


At Bottega Veneta, where the style was long, languid elegance, models stalked down the catwalk just supported on shoes with heels in the brand's trademark interwoven leather.

Dresses had wide pleats and swung loosely in linen or were structured in accordion style on one side of a full skirt.

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Prada, whose shows are seen as pivotal for fashion direction, used the themes on Tuesday of botanical prints, plaids and knitted jumpsuits she had put in her menswear spring and summer collection, shown in June.

Models with their hair in matted plaits and dark eye make up moved through a maze of green concentric seating, against a backdrop print on the walls of elves with over-ripe fruits and just over bloom flowers.

Prada swirled the botanical prints across green silk for pajama style outfits, or used a trellis design in green and white for a full, stiff skirt.

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