Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kids Pajamas

I went for a gathering last weekend meeting some of my college mates. It was so much fun to see them, but one of my college mate, Rebecca seems to be a bit distracted. While my other friends went to the ladies, I took the opportunity to ask her what happened. She told me her son was having some problems with school. Her 8 years old son loves football and joined the school football team but somehow he did not play very well and recently had become very moody and upset. He even thought of quitting from the football team.

Rebecca is very worried about her son. I asked whether did she try to talk to the coach? She said the coach mentioned that her son is very potential but he needs more practice and also he wants Rebecca to motivate her son so that he can gained back his confidence on playing football. Motivation? Immediately I know what Rebecca can do to motivate her son as well as to gain back his confidence. She can get him a NFL Football outfit from his favourite team from which comes with helmet with foam padding, face mask, adjustable chin straps, 100% double knit polyester team jersey and 100% double knit polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. He can even choose his favourite number!

By giving him this gift, we can bring up his passionate on football and yet motivate him to continue playing hard. Besides that we also need to let him know that his hard work will one day be seen and do not give up easily. This NFL football outfit can even be used on next month's Halloween as a Kids Pajamas. Wow, amazing right?

Rebecca was very happy and relieved after hearing my suggestions and we are off to shop! Thanks to NFL!