Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gai xinh 10

"In this ever-changing world, it's time for new creativity," Prada said backstage after her much-applauded show Tuesday evening, explaining the unconventional collection.

For a starter, the color palette had little to do with summer: moss green, bark brown, maple red and blueberry. Unlike the folksy gals which many designers are proposing for next summer, Prada's models seemed unreal, with their pale skin, braided hairstyles and figures camouflaged in loose-fitting styles.

The show's decoration — murals with naif paintings of woodland creatures — hinted at a fairy tale theme. Wrong again.

"My collection is about looking forward. About a woman's imagination in our changing world," the designer said. To interpret the contemporary fantasy world, she said she went against her own tendency toward stiffness, to present a collection that would emanate softness