Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gai xinh 09

Missoni's trademark chevron design was sized up and used in bands of chocolate, pale lemon and brick that bled into each other on an ankle-length loose dress.

A short, sleeveless dress in woven gold sported a hem banded in bright turquoise, like enameling. Missoni spattered a mini skirt with round spots of mirrors, or used mirrored panels at the bodice of a long evening gown.

Blumarine's models walked out against a backdrop of a typical Mediterranean port town, and sported bright sunshine colors of orange, yellow and coral.

Hot pants in acid orange jersey set off a mini polo shirt, while chocolate drop print shorts were worn with a cream cotton drill jacket.

Blumarine swept evening gowns low at the back, never compromising their elegance with immodesty. Dresses were froths of chiffon gathered and twisted into knots, left without adornment for a stunning simplicity.