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"She said 'They keep saying to me that we don't need to rehearse.' That day I showed up, her eyes were this big, her hair was out to here, and she had just learned the fight. She said ‘this is unlike anything we have ever, ever done.' It turned out to be an amazingly real scrabble."

Plus, Ben Affleck, Garner's famous husband, happened to be on the set the day that fight was shooting.

"He was visiting the set the day that we shot that fight scene. I thought it would have made him a little bit nervous to see them chucking me against the wall, harder and harder with every take," she laughed. "He was a little too calm about it, between us, I felt like he could have been a little bit more ‘My wife, you better be careful with her.' That wasn't it, he was just like ‘Go, go for it babe. Harder!'"

Garner, whose daughter Violet turns two in December, admitted that getting back into the hardcore action genre did take some getting used to; so much so that the 36-year-old ended up in the hospital during the shoot, much of which took place in the desert heat.

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The ensuing flick, directed by Peter Berg, is jam-packed with action, and Garner is in the heart of many of the sequences, fights that unexpectedly taxed the veteran action heroine.

"I thought it wasn't going to be much of anything. I kept saying to my stunt double, Shauna Duggins, who I've worked with for six years. I said ‘When are we going to have rehearsals for this fight scene?' We go in 110 percent prepared. I mean I could still do the fights from ‘Daredevil' in my sleep, and a bunch of the ‘Alias' ones," Garner told reporters earlier at a press conference in Beverly Hills.

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