Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gai dep Han Quoc

The producers claim that their decision to quit the show had nothing to do with the development deal, but sources pointed to the long list of Magical Elves shows under the NBC Universal tent as a key factor in the decision to exit a popular series. Cutforth and Lipsitz also produce Bravo's "Top Chef," "Step It Up and Dance" and "Top Design" as well as NBC's "Last Comic Standing."

"The two decisions were made independent of each other," Cutforth said. "We have a long-standing relationship with NBC. While 'Runway' has been wonderful for us and our company, it's not a show we own or have any control over. We found ourselves at a crossroads when we found out it wasn't going to be at Bravo."

Replied a Weinstein Co. spokesman, "They've been fantastic producers, and we wish them well."

In April, the Weinsteins shocked the industry by making a reported $150 million deal to shift Bravo's top-rated series to another network. NBC Universal responded with a lawsuit accusing the Weinstein Co. of violating Bravo's right of first refusal for the series.

Now the Weinstein Co. is trying to keep the "Runway" brand intact during its transition to Lifetime.