Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Sunil Sethi, who represents more than 20 buyers, said that because of the clash with the New York Fashion Week, some of his clients may come to India only after 10 days -- making the Delhi event "little more than a domestic fashion week."

Designer Zubair Kirmani, who had been in the process of completing a deal with Bloomingdale's, the chain of upscale American department stores, is not too happy either.

"No one from Bloomingdale's is here because of the clash with New York. Also, if US buyers come here, they would have stayed and seen the collection properly," the Kashmiri designer said.

Others feel that the problem is several big designers missing from the India fashion week this year. While Ashish Soni is showcasing his designs in New York, Manish Arora and Anamika Khanna will become the first Indians to unveil their collections at the Paris Fashion Week.

"When big designers are missing, big buyers will be missing as well," said designer Charu Parashar.

Yu Masui, a fashion consultant with Japan's Isetan department store, suggested that India could follow the lead of Japan which had in the past rescheduled its fashion week to avoid a clash with the Paris event.