Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beauty fashion girl vol 22

"It has become more popular," said art director Frank de Jesus, a former editor who helped set the stage at Binetti's and other designers shows.

He said presentations helped buyers attend new designers shows they may not usually have time for.

"There is no sitting around waiting, or standing. You can come and do it in your own time and leave," he said. "Because the girls are not in motion it gives you an opportunity to see what they are wearing without them going by you."


Some bigger labels also tried offbeat shows. At G-Star Raw's presentation, models spun around on a moving platform in urban denim designs in a heavily choreographed sequence that left the audience gushing.

The presentation format "is something that has always been around and used a lot by European designers," said Lee Trimble, fashion director for Gen Art, which shows emerging designers each season using varied installations. "Now it is more of a trend that is taking hold here."