Monday, May 21, 2007

Bikini Girls - Bikini Model Wallpapers 02

It proved to be a successful business model. Soon, other parents were contacting Webe Web to enlist their daughters.

Gordon said he had no idea why someone would shell out $25 a month to browse pictures of little girls in bikinis.

"That's something you'd need to ask a psychology professor," he said.

Mitchell Earleywine, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California, responded:

"Beats the hell out of me. I'm really at a loss why anyone would pay to look at these photos."

Earleywine said that men who are attracted to children tend to exhibit poor social skills and confusion on how dating works.

"I would encourage men who are on this site to seek professional help," Earleywine said.

But there's one thing Webe Web is sure about: The girl model sites are profitable.