Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vang Anh tim lai ly niem xua

Not all the pieces were a literal reference to the traditonal Balinese garb. In other pieces, the prints were used abstractly, as in a jersey dress with a patchwork version of the swirling, cloud-like print used elsewhere in the collection.

The focus with her resort offerings, like many other designers, was on light-as-air, comfortable fabrics - in Miller's case, silk.

"I'm always trying to reinvent silk fabrics," she said. The collection uses silk in a variety of ways, from the fabric she calls "ripstop," a kind of textured silk similar to a parachute, to silk georgette, to a cotton/silk blend that gives a cotton skirt, for example, and added dose of softness and effervescence.

Balancing out the loose, unstructured tops and dresses were skinny jeans and stretch linen shorts for layering underneath. If you're city-bound rather than sipping mid-winter tropical drinks, it's a good way to stay warm while still imagining you're on an island.