Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chan dai Viet Nam

That was followed by a second ceremony at the Majorelle botanical garden that Saint Laurent and Berge acquired in 1980 and has become a popular tourist attraction in the Moroccan city.

"We scattered the ashes in the rose garden of his private home because he went there often over 30 years, and we have placed a pillar in his memory in the Majorelle garden, because Yves Saint Laurent and I, we gave it new life when it was supposed to be destroyed to build a hotel," an emotional Berge, the designer's lifelong professional and personal companion, told AFP.

Some 88 people went to the designer's home for the ceremony, including former French culture ministers Renaud Donnedieu de Vabre and Jack Lang, television presenter Claire Chazal, as well as former employees and nurses who cared for Saint Laurent.

Even his dog, Moujik, was there.