Monday, June 23, 2008

Khoe hang lo lieu

A mono-color, print free collection the clothes big distinguishing feature was the fact that all the jackets, blousons and dressing gowns had an interior elastic strap that looped around each model's neck; a curious accoutrement whose function was unclear other than to help the garment hang open on the catwalk. That last was the real star of this event; a brilliant stage set of miniature wooden platforms and mini hills, in between which rambled the show's cast. Few of the styling tricks - like wrapping a rubber band around all the boots and shoes - seemed terribly innovative, and, remarkably for Prada the clothes looked not at all new.

"From fascism to democracy," Miuccia Prada commented to FWD, referring to her last women's collection, an austere vision of authoritative ladies. Yet, it seemed an odd view of the participatory democracy when you don't allow the voters much chance to look at the goods. In a word, an ill-conceived moment from Italian fashion's greatest conceptualist.