Monday, June 23, 2008

Bikini tuyet voi


At Emporio Armani, the theme was Nordic Europe, and designs emphasized a streamlined silhouette with wide trousers narrow at the hem and close-fitting sleeves with a narrow shawl collar.

Giorgio Armani used mainly dark Colors with hues of grey to dark variations of navy blue. He presented tight waistcoats and jackets with several zips all the way down.

Linings were piped, making the outfits look light with materials such as linen, silk and polyester blends. The show, watched by American actor Josh Hartnett, also offered light parkas and mini-trenches with drawstring Bermudas for sportswear.

Miuccia Prada turned out her models in cropped jumpers and long T-shirts that were low cut. The designer presented low-cut jumpers and jackets, some with a strap on the inside over the shoulder.