Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Girl Viet Nam nhin sock qua

The clothes had a Thirties feel, but updated with the contemporary slim-line silhouette. However, Ferre's DNA was evident throughout, whether in the broad, gangster like lapel, couture quality finish and sense of haute gamme dandy.

Above all, the actual "hand" of the fabrics was stunning; mohair treated in such beguiling way that while the clothes were classical, the mood felt very new. This was certainly not a revolutionary show, nor was it supposed to be, but instead a smart evolution of Gianfranco's oeuvre.

"We twisted, treated and wove the mohair in ways that have not been done before giving it strength yet suppleness. So, in my view though the material is entirely natural it's much more high tech than anything done by others in nylon or micro fibers," explained Ridotto, a behind the scenes man modestly enjoying a well-deserved moment of recognition.

He was also careful to stress that, "we did not attempt any stylistic make over, but wanted to respect Signor Ferre's legacy and architectural fashion."

Now we can think of dozens of successors who have made that claim in fashion, without genuinely living up to it. Hats off to Ridotto for backing up his words with honest facts.