Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marisa Miller

Còn đây là Marisa Miller với bộ bikini vẽ trên người:

To help raise the profile of the company, last year they signed on supermodel Stephanie Seymour as the face of the brand. Her curves are well known: Seymour was once a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as well as a model for Victoria's Secret.

"Put the right undergarment on and you are transformed," said Seymour at a luncheon on Friday, April 18, in New York to celebrate the new Chantelle ad campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Seymour, adjusting a pair of reading glasses, ("I'm no librarian," joked Seymour) spoke to a group of editors about her own transformative experience with Chantelle.

"The first time I put a corset on, I was really impressed with my waist and my bust," said Seymour. "In my twenties, I didn't really wear too many bras......I always had a difficult time finding one, because I'm tiny but busty."