Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bar Refaeli

David Cook could certainly handle Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, although with him there's always the possibility any tune will be taken to the corner of Pain Street and Anguish Avenue and left to die. A better choice for him would be an unstressed version of Solitary Man. Syesha could swing Brother Love fairly well, too.

Other Diamond reliables include Sweet Caroline and I'm a Believer. Archie might profit at this point from doing something upbeat and light-hearted.

Don: It's a man down there

I prefer Diamond's '60s material, mostly because he hadn't started to take himself so seriously.

If Brooke gets to do You Don't Bring Me Flowers— and instead of going over the top with it, gets intimate — she'll pick up enough super-delegates to clinch the nomination for president of the Pity Party and ride that tsunami of sentiment for another seven days.

Nobody else but David C. can do Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry or Kentucky Woman. He's a man among boys. And all he's got to do is let his performance reflect that.