Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jennifer Walcott

Charlie: 'America' for Archuleta

Diamond could be an Idol's best friend or his worst enemy. You Don't Bring Me Flowers is probably too big a hit to ignore, and I can see Syesha wanting to take a stab at it. I would recommend Thank the Lord for the Night Time for Brooke; she needs to do something to show she's still having fun.

Somebody is bound to do America this week, and it might as well be David A. Sure, some will moan and groan about David getting all uplifting again, but everyone saw Kristy Lee Cook buy three additional weeks with God Bless the USA.

I'm sure there will be an expectation that the dreadlocked kid will want to do Red Red Wine, but it might be wise to avoid overt paeans to alcohol on Idol. Jason just might be able to get away with doing Song Sung Blue.

Gene: O 'Brother,' whose art thou?

Unwise song choices could lead contestants into territory every bit as lachrymose and pomp-larded as the preceding two weeks. But all things considered, Diamond's repertoire offers an abundance of usable, even inspiring, material.

David Cook could certainly handle Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, although with him there's always the possibility any tune will be taken to the corner of Pain Street and Anguish Avenue and left to die. A better choice for him would be an unstressed version of Solitary Man. Syesha could swing Brother Love fairly well, too.

Other Diamond reliables include Sweet Caroline and I'm a Believer. Archie might profit at this point from doing something upbeat and light-hearted.