Monday, April 14, 2008

Fashion Designers nice

Toasted by an assortment of Doonan's pool of glamorously eccentric friends, including John Waters, Iman, Lynn Yaeger, Michael Musto, Mickey Boardman of Paper magazine, Suzanne Bartsch and Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Doonan, who wore a trim gray suit jacket by Moschino with the words "Good Taste Doesn't Exist" embroidered on the backside, proclaimed an end to the overdone tabloid sense of style as exemplified by Paris and Britney.

"The goal is really to say no to ‘ho, and yes to eccentric glamour," said Doonan in between air kisses and photographs. "It's about saddling the porno trend. The slut trend is so ubiquitous and so huge, that people don't even see it anymore. Dressing like an eighties porn star is like the norm now for women who have a makeover."

Instead, Doonan proposes in his book, which is a humorous take on the "how-to" style guide genre, the trick is to take cues from unconventional style icons who have learned to embrace their own individual style.