Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashion bikini cool vol5

The show, although out of this world, included many wearable looks for all ages. The suits and coatdresses will appeal to the classic couture customer, while the very revealing mini dresses will speak to the younger generation. Members of both gangs clearly loved the clothes, filling the couturier's Third Arrondissement headquarters with noisy bravos. Always a spectacle, the Gaultier show did not disappoint in the performance arena. Midway through, a model decked in a sexy, jangling copper body suit with plunging neck line, sea sponge in hand, proceeded to drench herself with water while holding the sponge high above her head. For the finale, Coco hobbled out on pearl, shell and coral covered crutches in full mermaid regalia, cone "shell" bra, scales and fins included, only to drop the crutches halfway down the runway to unzip the skirt up to her thigh, to the sexiest, gold vamp, conical bra wedding dress ever seen. As the rest of the models took their final walk down the runway, Coco reinstalled herself onto her rock, where Mr. Gaultier came out and kissed her before taking his bow