Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashion bikini cool vol4

Ranging from broad shouldered power suits in grays and blues to beaded and crocheted mini dresses and gowns covered in Chinoiserie embroidery, referencing the far-off destinations of sailors, the collection ran the gamut, while clearly remaining sexily sea bound. Shells and ropes were continuous themes, whether through the metal or leather paillettes on gowns and coats, origami folded pockets on suit jackets or the crocheted details on just about everything. The collection was rich with texture, in both the construction of the fabric as well as the embellishments including fringe, embroidery or beading all referencing various abstract sea creatures.

With the sailor theme, Gaultier was easily able to fit in his signature blue and white stripes. Although on a much grander scale, the look was seen on a delicate lace tunic dress with stripes of blue beading. Whether painted directly onto their skin, on printed tights up their legs or above the elbow leather or silk gloves, tattoos were everywhere. There was not a model on the runway that did not sport some reference to the classic sailor's hobby of body art.