Friday, January 25, 2008

Fashion bikini cool vol2

"Broadway truly prepared me. It made me really go for it," Combs said. "I was like, I came here to get with it and tell a story. I have a long way to go ... but I'm swimming, baby."

"Raisin" director Kenny Leon said Combs brings authenticity, discipline and a strong work ethic to the part of Walter Lee Younger, first made famous by Sidney Poitier in 1961.

"He's not going to be defeated," said Leon. "If you work hard, you'll find truth, and his search for truth pays off."

Walter Lee is a chauffeur living with his wife, young son, mother and sister in a Chicago tenement. "Raisin" takes place over a brief period of time as the mother (Rashad) receives a $10,000 insurance check following the death of her husband.

The money will change all their lives, but not before they face several wrenching dilemmas centering on Walter Lee's hopes for winning financial freedom and his mother's and wife's dream of living in their own home.