Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh yeah! model hot girl and cute

1. She's wearing Shevy wig Model #shevy (elite-205), which she calls her "Tina wig."

2. This wig was custom-cut to fit the features of Melinda's face.

3. Then taking 2" sections on both sides of the head, beginning at the temple area hair, the hair was swept back to the rear of the head and bobby pinned, leaving the ends free.

4. The ends that were left free were back-combed and teased to create a spiky effect on the ends.

5. Hair was sprayed in place using a finishing spray.

6. The remainder of the hair was finger-styled into place and finished with more finishing spray.

Look #3

1. We changed Melinda into the second Shevy wig (elite-205).

2. This wig was also custom-cut to fit her face a couple of weeks prior.

3. Taking 2" sections, the hair was curled with a 1 1/2" barrel curling iron using a thermal spray.