Saturday, June 28, 2008

Teen asian cute

Van Noten, the subtlest of designer, took us on a charming jaunt with this collection, a stylish journey for independent travelers, where the big message was "dapper not dandy."

The show was more literally a journey, as the models took a long jaunt up a delightful catwalk, a cobbled 15th arrondissement parking lot artfully enhanced by several scores of all-white autos, ranging from Bentley, Mustang and Thunderbirds convertibles to a Fiat 850 and beautifully over designed Citroen DS.

Van Noten opened the action quietly with a pair of navy blue suits before gradually injecting color and edge. His big idea was using geometrical patterns and prints in everything from spy trench coats, party shirts and proud poseurs' suits.

"The prints were based on some Italian Thirties ties we found. We made them in polyester not the original silk, and they do have great atmosphere," Dries told FWD backstage.