Saturday, June 28, 2008

gai xinh 9x - Teen baby

Inspired, albeit pretty loosely on Charlie Chaplin, the collection used elements of the Little Tramp's look and, above all, his unique insouciance to create some charming and probable clothes.

In an odd introduction, Vuitton's creative director Marc Jacobs greeted the more distinguished guests on the stairway of the Palais de Tokyo, as the men's design director Paul Helbers made the last minute adjustments back stage. Then, after the lights went up and the audience stilled, a last lone guest elicited a huge burst of laughter as he appeared flustered and alone on the runway.

It was a cleverly choreographed show, with a long opening section in white and solid black finale. However, it was apparent from the get go that Vuitton's tramp was that rare sort, i.e. one with a private education and a first rate maid, particularly adapt at ironing. Mini mess jackets and crisp shirts in linen are not good items for sleeping rough. Yet the sense of Chaplin was just enough apparent in the baggy, nipped at ankle trousers and slouch hat worn by a particularly dashing casting of models.


proAMATEUR said...

oh, xinh gai qua, nhung ma toan nguoi dep nuoc khac, it thay Vn qua.
Voi lai link cua ban nen trao doi voi ca cac blog thuoc linh vuc khac moi quang ba rong rai duoc blog ban ah.
Neu co the moi ban ghe tham hoac de trao doi lien ket ban nhes.