Friday, May 16, 2008

Girl Xinh Long Lanh 01

Welcome to Milan's San Vittore prison, where female inmates showcased a collection on Wednesday of three wedding dresses at a glamorous fashion show to launch their own womenswear line.

Having learnt tailoring skills from a local cooperative that aims to help women behind bars, prisoners and former inmates displayed stylish dresses alongside creations by big Italian names like Giorgio Armani, Prada and Alberta Ferretti.

"It is like a dream has come true," said Ecuadorian Mariuxi, who left San Vittore last year and works for the Cooperative Alice, which runs the project.

"It is work that brings happiness after an ugly period."

The women received loud applause for the dresses they made, designed by Rosita Onofri, who collaborates with the cooperative. One had white flowers stitched on, while a knitted-like bodice topped another. Hats decorated with flowers and cool white-framed sunglasses added a stylish touch.