Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gai xinh - teen 9x

Scent, and particular perfumes, are often the basis for some of the most powerful memories. Actress Bernadette Peters recalled her first fragrance memory.

"My earliest fragrance memory was of my mother's," said Peters. "She wore Arpege, so when I look at a Lanvin purse, I look for that little lady that they sometimes hang from a medallion, because I remember that used to be on the bottle. She always wore perfume. There was something called Sen-Sen that you put under your tongue. It's another fragrance that you put in your mouth, and then your breath smells sweet. Sometimes when she was out of Sen-Sen she'd put perfume in her mouth!"

Designer Zac Posen, who will release his first fragrance for women in December and is also working on a fragrance for men, remembered certain packaging first and foremost - something often more interesting than the smell of fragrances themselves.


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