Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beauty girl hot

Designer Vera Wang was honored with a Hall of Fame award, presented by New York Ranger Sean Avery and current Vogue intern, where Wang was once a fashion editor. Did Avery think hockey or fashion was more vicious? "That's an interesting question," laughed Avery. "I would definitely say hockey. I think fashion is certainly tough and competitive, but it's definitely not as physically dangerous as hockey."

Wang was humbled to be receiving the award.

"It's something beyond my dreams," Wang said. "My mother adored fragrance, she educated me in fragrance. We lived in Paris a great deal throughout my life, so fragrance has been a part of my upbringing. But to somehow win an award for fragrance - a Hall of Fame award - is inconceivable to me."

As for Wang's own future fragrance plans - currently she has four fragrances for women and one eau de toiletteessential oils, "where price is not an issue at all and it's just a totally luxurious product," she said for men - she'd like to do a line of