Sunday, April 20, 2008

Xinh tuoi quyen ru

Bikin fashion, Beauty girl, Girl Beauty, Bikini girl, gai xinh, Fashion Designers Versace's Medusa head logo was evident, appearing on cushions in "London," which was decked out with black luggage and a mock flight timetable for the traveling man. Cube sofa chairs and low tables with layered interiors also featured.

Metals such as titanium were used, on display in the base of white and red chaises lounges. But possibly the centerpiece at the showing was a white bed with a stitched base and sparkly cover, surrounded by silver-sprayed branches in the atrium.

Versace also displayed a mock-up of its interiors for helicopters. The fashion house makes made-to-measure helicopter interiors and unveiled its first two to clients last month.

Design head Donatella Versace has moved the fashion collections away from the company's gold and glitter image to a more understated, wearable look.