Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pamela Anderson

Beauty girl, Girl Beauty

"We are a rich country, and that's why we have rich fashion," Luzhkov told Reuters TV after giving Yudashkin a large bouquet of flowers.

Other designers went beyond tsarist fashion to evoke the feeling of pre-Bolshevik Russia.

Deep blue flowers on black backgrounds similar to traditional Russian lacquered boxes dominated at Slava Zaitsev's show, a 69-year old designer who used to dress the Soviet elite.

Male models had their faces covered by flowing fox stretching from large Russian winter hats and wore embroidered gold overcoats with green fur collars.

"We're scared of taking our fashion abroad, that it will be unpleasant, but we're a huge country with a long history of beauty," Zaitsev told Reuters after the show, which also showed headscarved women and men with trousers tucked into boots, conjuring up the look of Cossacks, or tsarist cavalrymen.