Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nu Sinh Viet Nam

Beauty girl, Girl Beauty

"It was a great role and I really liked the story and I guess it was kind of fun," Reeves said. "It was fun to be pushed to a place that I don't normally live in. I guess David (Ayer, the film's director) called me a hippie. The director's calling me a hippie and I get to kill eight people. So that's a good role to play!"

Reeves, whose more than 20-year acting career has included some of Hollywood's most successful films (from "The Matrix" to "Speed" to "Something's Gotta Give"), revealed that no matter how many times he experiences the release of a new project, he is always a bit on edge on opening day.

"To enter any project that you work on, you hope to realize the role, to realize the film, and at the end of the day you have your personal journey and you have the work that you were a part of," he pondered. "I'm nervous about the film opening because you