Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bikini Fashion Model Vol 06

Winstanley said she'd considered modeling in the past, and had even contacted an agency – but over 20 years ago. Now, she's a mother of three. "I don't think they even know yet!" she said about her win. "I think they're going to be pretty shocked." A friend heard about the contest, she said, and they thought it'd be fun to go to the open call in New York, but she said she never expected to get this far.

As part of the prize for being finalists, each of the ten women spent three days in New York prior to the competition undergoing a crash course in modeling, with tips on runway walking and media training, to make them as confident as models as they are in their everyday lives – from business owners to pilates instructors to pastry chefs, this was one accomplished posse.

But even with all the prep, nothing could quite prepare them for the rush of walking down the runway in front of a live, cheering audience for the first time. And what was going through the winner's head?

"I was just really excited," said Winstanley. "I was nervous right at the very beginning, just before I first stepped out, but then as I was walking down the runway, it felt absolutely brilliant."

I don't think they even know yet! I think they're going to be pretty shocked