Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bikini Fashion Model Vol 03

Which is exactly what Witherspoon, who walked the premiere's red carpet in casual black slacks and jacket, wanted. "She just was fearless. That is what I have always loved about Christina, she has a real intelligence to her work. She always plays a very intelligent woman, also very sharp, very witty, and she's always just been great. We grew up auditioning together. We had known each other for years from sitting in the waiting room, waiting to get cast, or not cast, in movies. We made a friendship. So it was great to finally have that collaboration we had talked about for so many years."

"Penelope" marks Witherspoon's first real stab at producing an independent film, and as she tells it, it is a perfect way to establish her Type A Films as a force to be reckoned with in making films for today's modern female.

"It was perfect for our company," she reflected, "because at the center it was a wonderful, fantastic, cinematic movie. At the center, it also had a really great female character who was strong, ambitious, but definitely had a journey to go through to get to the place where she would find herself. I just thought it was great."