Monday, January 07, 2008

Shoco Nakagawa beauty

The Let’s Think of a Number and Stick It on the Price Ticket Award

Chanel’s alligator and diamond 2.55 bag, £130,000; Louis Vuitton’s Tribute bag, £28,000; Balenciaga’s Robot Shoe, £635. As the economy heated up, heels got higher, bags got bigger, jewellery got extreme. Are quieter times ahead?

The Back From the Dead Award Jaeger London, as designed by Karen Boyd (one half of the Eighties design duo Boyd and Storey) and as distinct from plain old Jaeger . . . We wrote about the Lazarus-like resurrection of this British brand back in April. With Russell Marsh on board as the casting director for its first catwalk show next February, even greater things are expected for 2008. And thank heaven for Simon Fuller. The unlikely saviour safely delivered our beloved Roland Mouret back to fashion’s fold, and with him another smash hit, the Moon Dress, now being ripped off by a high street chain near you.

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