Monday, January 07, 2008

Collection girl vol 02

The Further Proof that Directional Doesn’t Necessarily Work on the Red Carpet Award

Nicole Kidman – another, ahem, “individual” choice from Balenciaga; Kate Moss at Led Zeppelin’s reunion – or why it’s never good to carry the theme of your fringe through to your clothes. Still, Moss deserves credit for courage in the face of impending catastrophe. Not only did she carry on partying after her dress ripped at the V&A gala in September, she also remained undeterred when flocks of birds pooed all over her fur jacket.

The Let’s Think of a Number and Stick It on the Price Ticket Award

Chanel’s alligator and diamond 2.55 bag, £130,000; Louis Vuitton’s Tribute bag, £28,000; Balenciaga’s Robot Shoe, £635. As the economy heated up, heels got higher, bags got bigger, jewellery got extreme. Are quieter times ahead?