Friday, December 28, 2007

Collection for bikini

For instance, explained Carrigan, when they were developing the colors for the new beauty collection, which will roll-out with over 200 new products for Spring '08, they took inspiration from the runway and the way that color was used in the collections. A swatch of fuchsia fabric with a cellophane overlay might be translated into a similar shade of lipstick with a touch of gloss, giving the pigment an element of shine and transparency akin to the fabric. Or, a navy patent leather shoe might become a high gloss nail varnish in the ck Calvin Klein beauty lineup.

"It's about updating the face to go with the outfits they're wearing," said Carrigan. He pointed to a model with a classic nude makeup look, but with a twist. "Everyone knows how to do a nude face," he said, "but adding gold to the eyelids, going back to all the metallics on the runway, is a new way to do a nude face."