Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bikini cool

For this jewel-box of a collection, then, jewel tones – rich amethyst, deep plum, jewel green and blue black - naturally played a starring role. A Grecian-style draped gown in a vibrant amethyst played to a gold embroidered neckline with great effect, while a jewel green halter dress in chiffon evoked ’30s-era movie stars like Jean Harlow.

"I dye all my own colors," said Acra, and the result is a flawless palette with rich, unique tones – perfect for standing out on the red carpet today. Acra’s contemporary version of classic Hollywood glamour has earned her a celebrity following, having outfitted Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Ashanti, Star Jones and Eva Mendes, to name a few.

The use of tone-on-tone color in some gowns, like black beading on brown, black or green, kept the embellishment subtle; whereas elsewhere in the collection, Deco flourishes like linear gold beading in a starburst formation against a black gown reinforced the jewel theme, as did a dress with an accordian-pleated gold lamé skirt. These are dresses that need no accessories other than, say, a long pair of gloves, bright red lips and Brad Pitt on your arm.