Monday, October 01, 2007

Gai xinh - Beauty girl 03

But while the guts of the collection were very fine and highly flattering clothes - the jodhpurs made the models look, if anything, too thin, meaning they will be very flattering for "normal women" - the beginning and finale were both more problematic.

Odd, and not terribly alluring floral prints whose petals seemed more like IED explosions failed to flatter. Plus whatever gave Giannini the idea of pairing some huge grand ball gowns with suede faux Lonsdale belts - a seriously dumb stylistic move - mystified us.

That said, one revealing fact about a designer's skill and commercial appeal is whether they wear their own season's clothes when they take their finale bow. Surprisingly few do it better than Frida Giannini, who looked, hang it all, better than most of the models when she took her bow like the poshest of punkettes, wearing the best items in her own collection.