Monday, October 01, 2007

Gai xinh - Beauty girl 02

Italian designers always mix up youth cultures in a way a Brit or Yank would never dare. Giannini, for instance, teamed her New Wavers with 1950s rocker influences, so there were the long hair extensions and a Goodie Gal Next Door mood that recalled "Grease" and Olivia Newton John. One would never have imagined, watching this show, that back in the Seventies the punks and the rockers were sworn enemies.

The New Wavers were a striking juxtaposition to the show opening, which featured a short, yet rambling, reportage movie on the new David Lynch directed ad for the house's latest perfume Gucci by Gucci, shot in a colonial museum in Paris with establishing shots of LA. For the record, the ad looked like a real winner.