Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fashion Collection girl 02

One had to admire the uniqueness of many of the outfits on display, from transparent plastic capes to sequined jungle king bride frocks to fabulous Montezuma Art Deco belts. Yet the admiration was mixed with the thought, where on earth could a gal actually wear the phantasmagorical clothes, like the mesh tops with tiny tufts of black mink, more suited for a space station cocktail than a tony urban society event.

There was the odd restrained stunner; the great flared black dress with white rosettes worn by model Maria Carla had the noses, and pens, of every stylist in the room twitching.

And Fendi, luxury giant LVMH's star Italian brand, is now a label on the mend. After several tricky years, Fendi is profitable and clearly finding new, and loyal, customers. Which brings us to the heart of the matter, the famed baguette bag, Fendi's star product, which this season celebrated its tenth anniversary, and morphed into over-sized units, done in Art Deco mosaics or dyed into candy rapper hues, just like the water that coursed slowly through the bizarre catwalk. As we said, experiments ruled in this show.