Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fashion Collection girl 01

The setting alone was well worth trudging through the sticky rain of Milan - a Theatre of the Absurd backdrop of plastic walls and neon double F logos, and a transparent catwalk through which wound a twisting tube of several hundred yards, gradually changing colors during the show thanks to coursing liquid. It seemed an apt metaphor for a resolutely experimental house, famed as much in recent years for the innovation of its ideas as for the eccentricity of the results. And the twisting tube mimicked the swirling circles that were the distinctive image of this spring summer 2008 collection.

One had to admire the uniqueness of many of the outfits on display, from transparent plastic capes to sequined jungle king bride frocks to fabulous Montezuma Art Deco belts. Yet the admiration was mixed with the thought, where on earth could a gal actually wear the phantasmagorical clothes, like the mesh tops with tiny tufts of black mink, more suited for a space station cocktail than a tony urban society event.