Monday, September 03, 2007

Beauty fashion girl vol 18

The two Ts plan to launch One 4 All on October 2nd in the designer's Regent Street flagship store in London.

Thierry was the top scorer and captain of the famed north London team Arsenal, generally regarded as the side that plays the most elegant football in Britain. However, this summer Henry, a winner of World Cup and European Championship medals for France, transferred to the legendary Spanish side Barcelona.

"I am honored by Tommy's interest in my foundation, and if I can do a little to help racism and social inequalities disappear that would be worth all my personal accomplishments," added Henry, for whom creating the collection was his first ambassadorial gesture.

One 4 All will be a capsule collection inspired by Henry, Hilfiger stressed, and include suits, sportswear, shoes and underwear.

Across the English Channel, or La Manche (sleeve) as the French call it, Tommy will produce a limited series of 14 trench coats, each with lining featuring images of the star player.

The looks will be sold exclusively in Colette starting September 24 and will be featured in the windows of the Paris style emporium from that day until September 30.

All the earnings from the trenches, priced at 1,014 Euros, or $1,370, will go to the One 4 All foundation.

Tommy will also throw a party to celebrate the anti-racism raincoats, at which one of his fave new bands, Les Plasticines, will play.