Monday, September 03, 2007

Beauty fashion girl vol 16

McDowell, whose breakout roles in "If..." and "A Clockwork Orange" came when he was not much older than Taylor-Compton is now, commented at an earlier press day that the ingénue needs to keep her head screwed on straight in order to make it for the long-term in the heady world of Hollywood movies.

"She's got tremendous talent," he said. "But it gets to the point where it's not about talent, it's about character. It will be really be up to her and her character to see whether she can come through this and move on up. That is the name of the game, and that is what is difficult."

The actor also wants to make it clear that this new version of "Halloween" is not a slasher movie, despite the grisly murders that take place as the action moves briskly along. "I don't like slasher movies, but this isn't one," he insisted. "I think this is more a classic horror film. I think it's a sort of Greek Tragedy, isn't it really? It's a classic horror movie, the boy next door, that's the scary part. It's the boy next door, this angelic child. But it's really an indictment about mental health, as much as anything else, if you want to get ridiculous about it.