Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Eberharter creates rings, bracelets and necklaces out of anodized aluminum – a process in which the aluminum is brushed to give it a matte, scratch-resistant effect – as well as the acrylic glass and round "Belcher" chains in sterling silver. The designs have a minimalist, industrial feel, as though inspired by spare parts in a local hardware store. Aluminum or acrylic tubes look like cut pieces of pipe, while another necklace composed of knobby shapes in matte anthracite and black reads like sculpture of a bicycle chain, albeit sans the grease.

Bracelets and rings are decidedly free of embellishment as well – instead, aluminum bangles come in cool, subtle colors like matte gold, teal or silver, some solid and chunky and others punched with circular designs around the circumference of the bracelet.

It should come as no surprise that Eberharter trained as a sculptor (and goldsmith) prior to becoming a jewelry designer. His approach with his focused choice in materials is one of a sculptor refining and perfecting a particular form. All in all, it's a unified point of view, perfect for design aficionados in search of a wholly modern accessory more akin to a Richard Serra sculpture than charm bracelet.