Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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To me it's interesting, it's nice, I think we can make it look really modern and yet a little conservative.

Q. How do you see Malaysian fashion evolving?

A. I think Malaysians are all very talented. Because we are all influenced by the three different cultures. We live in a country where we grew up with three main food and costume influences -- Indian, Malay and Chinese, so you get inspired.

That has helped us to be more artistic, and also we look into fashion in a very different way. We like to combine the traditional with the modern and make an internationally acceptable kind of look.

Q. What is needed to carry the Malaysian fashion industry to the next level?

A. Well, just support -- especially financially, because fashion is not a cheap business. So if you want to build a brand, if you want to promote yourself, if you want to sell, you need money. Just to get people to know you, it's a long journey, it's very expensive. So I guess if there is a lot of support from the government, from the private sector, we will grow faster.