Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gai xinh - Beauty girl 11

His space goddess finale, heroic silk dresses in gold, marble gray and jade, climaxed a great show, staged with the usual verve and wit. Once again, Balenciaga had Europe's best casting, marked by the catwalk return of the ever lovely, and now mum of three, Natalia Vodianova, freed of her Calvin Klein exclusive contract. Also intriguingly, the usual maize catwalk was set on a new wall-to-wall flower carpet with unsettling black background. And the soundtrack was scintillating, in a canny remix that ranged from Vivaldi's Four Seasons to the Chemical Brothers, courtesy of mix maestro Michel Gaubert.

They only let 200 people into any Balenciaga show, 2,000 more would kill for tickets. Everyone there went back stage to applaud Ghesquiere, whose one show was a rebuttal to the entire Milan season. A trumpet call that said the Italians might make great merchandise but this is where the heavy stuff goes down.