Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gai xinh 04

Los Angeles - She's not on television as Sidney Bristow in "Alias" any more and she's given birth to a baby girl, but that doesn't mean that actress Jennifer Garner has forgotten how to kick butt. Garner proved that once again at Monday night's premiere of "The Kingdom," the new action film that premiered at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood. Garner plays one of a group of elite FBI agents (Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Chris Cooper, who all walked the red carpet along with her) sent into Saudi Arabia to find a terrorist bomber.

The ensuing flick, directed by Peter Berg, is jam-packed with action, and Garner is in the heart of many of the sequences, fights that unexpectedly taxed the veteran action heroine.

"I thought it wasn't going to be much of anything. I kept saying to my stunt double, Shauna Duggins, who I've worked with for six years. I said ‘When are we going to have rehearsals for this fight scene?' We go in 110 percent prepared. I mean I could still do the fights from ‘Daredevil' in my sleep, and a bunch of the ‘Alias' ones," Garner told reporters earlier at a press conference in Beverly Hills.