Monday, May 14, 2007

Yuko Ogura

The ‘Addams Family’ star, who plays nymphomaniac Rae in ‘Black Snake Moan’, got into character by stripping off in front of the cast and crew.
Christina said: “I needed to lose any sort of self-consciousness because I feel sometimes you can see self-consciousness in a performance when somebody is naked or in a nude scene.

“I really needed for that not to be there, so to help me I stayed the way I would be for the scene all the time - in order to get the crew really used to seeing me that way. Not only was I comfortable, but I could look at anybody’s face and see they were comfortable. “It was really necessary for the crew to be used to me undressed because I was playing someone who places no value on her body. She has no regard for herself so she wouldn’t care if she were clothed or not.” The 27-year-old became so used to being naked she was still walking around undressed after filming finished.


Anonymous said...

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Yuko Ogura